Whether you're planning a trip, moving home or need to transport large items, hiring a vehicle is an affordable and flexible way of doing so.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a vehicle:


There are occasions when hiring a vehicle, rather than using your own, makes better financial sense. 

An example would be when transporting larger loads from A-B. 

If you don't own a van or larger estate car, then you may need to make multiple trips to transport your items. In 2022, this can be an expensive option once you factor in time on the road and the associated fuel costs.

Whereas if you were to hire a larger car or van, you would save a great deal of time and fuel. 

And once you consider the cost of upkeep and maintenance of your own vehicle, renting is often the cheaper option.


When you hire a vehicle from a reputable company, you get peace of mind that your car or van will be maintained to a high standard and there will be no over-worn tyres or faulty mechanics - meaning far less chance of breaking down!

This is particularly important if you're heading to the other side of the country for an important business meeeting or you're under a tight schedule.

This also leads to the next benefit...


There will be times when that extra bit of comfort and technology makes all the difference to your travel experience, particularly if you're used to driving an older vehicle.

Modern hire vehicles often come with those extra gadgets and creature comforts that make longer road jouneys more tolerable - comfortable seats, climate control and a reliable navigation system being just some of the features that might be important to you.

How to book same-day car and van rental near you

Vale Car & Van Rental provide car and van hire to customers throughout the whole of South Wales and Bristol. 

Whether, you're looking for a car for a short trip, or a longer-term hire for buisness - or, perhaps, your work van has broken down - we have a rental package that can perfectly suit your requirements. 

We currenly provide vehicle hire in the following locations (simply click the location for your relevant hire area):




Vale Of Glamorgan

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