Are you looking to hire a car or van in Bristol?

Whether you need a car or van to repalce your daily driver, or you're visiting Bristol on a break, we have a vehicle for every occasion. 

We offer a range of car and van hire packages in all BS postcode areas, including fast turnaround one-day hires, as well as longer term rentals, so whether you need a vehicle for a few hours, a week, or several months - we've got you covered.

If you're based in the Bristol area and you're looking to hire a car or van, Vale Car & Van Rental can provide the perfect vehicle rental solution.

All our hire vehicles are affordable, professionally maintained, low-mileage and safe and reliable.

Choose from our wide range of competitively priced manual and automatic vehicles - we supply a large selection of makes, models and sizes in all BS postcode areas.

Our hire cars range from small compacts, to large family vehicles, and we supply varying van sizes - everything from the small Ford Courier Van, right up to the Luton Box Van with tail lift. 

To book your hire car or van in Bristol / Avonmouth today, call us now on: 01174 036335